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Can you compost bamboo toothbrushes?

At TreeBird, the thing we love most about our customers is their commitment to sustainability. Everyday, we’re sent amazing questions about whether our products are really and truly 100% eco-friendly. For the record, we love these kinds of questions, because they mean you guys care as much about the earth as we do. We created our blog as a way to create dialogue between all the planet preservers out there, while answering your toughest questions. That brings us to today’s topic: Can you compost bamboo toothbrushes?Such a great question! And the answer is: as far as TreeBird goes, Yes! Yes! Yes!The bamboo we use for TreeBird’s compostable bamboo toothbrush is called Moso Bamboo. We love it so much, because it’s...

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7 Eco-Friendly Products That Make Sustainability a Cinch

If you can’t think of any good New Year’s resolutions, we here to suggest “making more earth-friendly choices” as one of them. Every small change you make is a helpful little piece in the “preserving our planet” puzzle. Of course, it can be difficult to know where to start. To make “sustainable choices” a resolution you can actually keep, we put together this list of eco-friendly products that will make your sustainability journey a no-brainer. Besides, who doesn’t love to shop their way to a greener planet? TreeBird’s Bamboo Toothbrush & Eco Floss Value PackOk, obviously we’re biased, but we really do love and believe in our products! In fact, we created our line of toothbrushes and floss, because we...

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How to care for a bamboo toothbrush?

Everybody already probably knows that it's pretty easy to take care of a regular toothbrush as there's really not much you need to do. After buying it you just throw away the cover and a few months after you do the same with the toothbrush itself. And then rinse and repeat.  But actually caring for a bamboo toothbrush is not that much more complicated either: you just compost or recycle the cover with paper, use your brush for a few months and compost the handle. Very similar steps, but a very different outcome for our planet. So what exactly should you do with the packaging? Well, one good reason to get TreeBird's bamboo toothbrushes is definitely the compostable packaging. The outer layer is...

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