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Can you compost bamboo toothbrushes?

At TreeBird, the thing we love most about our customers is their commitment to sustainability. Everyday, we’re sent amazing questions about whether our products are really and truly 100% eco-friendly. For the record, we love these kinds of questions, because they mean you guys care as much about the earth as we do.

We created our blog as a way to create dialogue between all the planet preservers out there, while answering your toughest questions. That brings us to today’s topic: Can you compost bamboo toothbrushes?

Such a great question! And the answer is: as far as TreeBird goes, Yes! Yes! Yes!

The bamboo we use for TreeBird’s compostable bamboo toothbrush is called Moso Bamboo. We love it so much, because it’s one of the most sustainable materials on earth. The crazy thing about Moso Bamboo is that it takes only about 3-5 years to reach maturation, as opposed to hardwood which can take half a century. That means, there’s no need for deforestation, and as soon as the bamboo is harvested, it’s already growing back! Moso Bamboo grows in China, which is where we manufacture our toothbrushes. The proximity allows us to cut back on the environmental impact associated with transportation.

If you think that’s super cool, but are still wondering “Can you compost bamboo toothbrushes?” then keep reading. We’ve broken down all the information you need.

TreeBird’s bamboo toothbrush handles are easy to compost. All you have to do is pick the nylon bristles out of them (ideally with pliers) and add them to the soil in your home garden. When composted, TreeBird’s bamboo toothbrush handle will decompose in about half a year. That’s a lot faster than the 400 years it takes a plastic toothbrush! As for the bristles, they’re made from nylon 6, which is soft on your teeth. Not to mention, nylon 6 has low water absorption properties, which allows your toothbrush to stay fresher longer. The bristles can be safely discarded in your plastic recycling bin with other plastic items. 

If you’ve been looking for a compostable bamboo toothbrush, TreeBird’s Bamboo Toothbrush & Eco Floss Value Pack is a great place to start. It comes with four TreeBird toothbrushes in four pretty and naturally-dyed colors. For a little added bonus,the toothbrushes are packaged with our silk eco floss, which is flavored with natural mint oil and coated in earth-friendly candelilla wax. If you love our floss, you can save the glass container for use with our Pure Silk Floss Refills. We also offer our compostable bamboo toothbrush for kids in a delightful 6-pack that comes in six fun colors. It’s never too early to teach the little ones about sustainability and good oral hygiene! 

At TreeBird, we love when you ask questions like “Can you compost bamboo toothbrushes?” because it means you care. Please never hesitate to send us your thoughts and questions about eco-living, because we want to keep the conversation going. Every time we speak up about the environment, we make our voices heard a little more, and it’s these small efforts that lead to big change. Give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook, so we can keep our community growing!

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