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6 Benefits To Using Silk Floss

We all know that looking after our dental health is important. But how do we align our health choices with our eco-friendly aspirations? Many of us have already made the switch to bamboo toothbrushes, perhaps even natural toothpastes too. Floss is the next big hurdle. Luckily, there are eco-friendly flosses available and, in this article, we explore the many reasons why we should make the switch. More sustainable Traditional floss that you find on the shelves at your local grocery store is made from nylon which is a type of plastic. That plastic is made from crude oil which is a non-renewable source. Basically, once we have used it up, it is gone. Silk floss on the other hand can be produced...

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The Dirty Truth about Floss

While we all know that flossing is essential for healthy gums and teeth, traditional flosses pose a growing threat to the wellbeing of our earth’s reserves. That thin strip of plastic we toss out each day may seem like nothing, but it contributes to the MILLIONS of MILES of discarded floss in our oceans and landfills each year.  To help you get a better understanding of the environmental impact of traditional plastic flosses, we reached out to Casper Ohm, marine biologist and editor-in-chief at to shed some light on the topic. Check out what he had to say about the dirty truth about floss: How are traditional plastic flosses harmful to the earth?The first and perhaps biggest issue with...

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We asked 14 dentists how you can take better care of your teeth, here's what they said:

There are a lot of reasons to take care of your teeth: maintaining that award-winning smile of yours, protecting the health and longevity of your gums, and minimizing yucky bacteria that can cause bad breath, discomfort, and even chronic health issues. You probably already know you have to brush twice a day and floss every night before bed, but there are a lot of other factors that play into the health and glow of your smile. To ensure you’re taking the very best possible care of your teeth, we reached out to some of our favorite dentists for their tops tips. We asked fourteen dentists one simple question: “How can you take better care of your teeth?” Here’s what they...

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16 Ways to Be More Sustainable in 2020

A new year. A new you. If your 2020 resolutions included “being more sustainable,” then it’s time to take action. The good news is, being more sustainable doesn’t have to take over your whole life. There are a lot of small changes you can make to reduce your everyday waste.  At TreeBird, our mission is to make it easier for your to be more sustainable. To help you stick with your earth-related new year's resolutions, we reached out to some of our favorite sustainability experts for some simple tips and tricks.  Here’s what they said: Be mindful of plasticPlastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, which means most plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans for centuries. Take a...

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How to Responsibly Dispose Your Bamboo Eco Friendly Toothbrush

Here’s a scary thing to think about: traditional plastic toothbrushes take nearly 400 years to decompose. Considering the first plastic toothbrush was manufactured in 1938, that means every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists on our planet. Yikes! Bamboo eco friendly toothbrushes are a much kinder alternative for the earth, especially when you’re committed to disposing of them properly. We get a lot of questions about how to responsibly dispose of your bamboo eco friendly toothbrush, so we put together this simple guide. The good news is, it’s a very simple process. The better news is, following these steps will ensure the toothbrush efficiently returns to the soil and has the least possible environmental impact  Step 1: Use exactly as...

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