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Single Bamboo Toothbrush With Medium Bristles
Bamboo toothbrush with medium stiffness bristles
Single Bamboo Toothbrush With Medium Bristles

Single Bamboo Toothbrush With Medium Bristles

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This sleekly-designed bamboo toothbrush with medium BPA-free nylon bristles provides a slightly firmer brushing experience. As with all of TreeBird's toothbrushes, the handle is constructed from 100% compostable and 100% antibacterial Moso bamboo. You'll love the pretty sky blue color of the bristles and how easy it is to compost this brush in your home garden. Every year, billions of people toss plastic toothbrushes into our earth's precious reserves; be one less. 

✔️ Eco-friendly & compostable bamboo handle
✔️ Medium BPA-free nylon bristles (dyed with phthalates-free food-grade dyes)
✔️ Biodegradable kraft paper packaging that's printed with soy-based ink


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