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Biodegradable toothbrush that's free from harmful chemicals
Bamboo toothbrush with medium stiffness bristles
Wooden toothbrush with bpa-free bristles with natural coloring
Eco-friendly and compostable toothbrush with plastic-free packaging

Single Bamboo Toothbrush With Medium Bristles

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This bamboo toothbrush with a sleek design comes with medium BPA-free nylon bristles for those of you who need something slightly firmer for a good brushing experience.

The bristles come in a light blue color. Our Moso bamboo handle is antibacterial and totally compostable. If you wish to throw it in your compost pile then please pick out the bristles with pliers first for proper recycling. 

It's packaged in a Kraft paper box and the ink is soy-based!