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Pure Silk Eco Floss & Refills Bundle
Pure Silk Eco Floss & Refills Bundle

Pure Silk Eco Floss & Refills Bundle

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We are offering 1 Pure Silk Eco Floss & 2 Pure Silk Eco Floss Refills (total of 5 x 30m/33yd spools) as a discounted bundle for a limited time! You save $6 compared to buying everything separately! 

TreeBird's Silk Floss is a 100% compostable alternative to traditional plastic floss that's just as thorough and just as fresh. Known as our "gentle floss," this unique formula is made from plant-based candelilla wax and infused with all-natural mint essential oil for a fresh, effortless glide. Our Pure Silk Eco Floss comes in a pretty and refillable glass container that can be used with TreeBird floss refills that are included in this offer. TreeBird's Silk Floss provides a lasting clean without a lasting footprint. 

✔️ 5 x 33-yard long compostable floss spools made of pure peace silk
✔️ Coated with plant-based Candelilla wax & flavored with natural mint oils
✔️ Refillable glass container 
✔️ No artificial colors or fragrances
✔️ Compostable kraft paper packaging with soy-based ink

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